User guides and instruction manuals

Get started quickly!

Quick start at the turn of the year with SOCRATES (for schools)

All organisational steps for a simple change of school year with SOCRATES:
Change of school year with SOCRATES

Quick start for schools

All the organisational steps for a successful SchoolUpdate launch:
Getting started for your school

Quick start for parents

All the steps and clicks you need to start using SchoolUpdate today:
Your SchoolUpdate start as a parent

Quick start for students

All steps and clicks to use SchoolUpdate as a student:
Your SchoolUpdate start as a student

User Manuals

Depending on whether you use SchoolUpdate as an administrator, a teacher or a parent, different SchoolUpdate information will be relevant or useful to you.

Therefore, we have created a separate manual for each user group:

User Manual for administration

User Manual for teachers

Manuals for Parents & Guardians

User Manuals for students